ISSN 2785-0633

La forza maggiore: alcuni insegnamenti tratti dalla crisi del Covid-19 nel diritto francese dei contratti

Thomas Genicon Fascicolo 1/2021 14 Maggio 2021

Sommario: 1. Premessa. – 2. Gli insegnamenti classici. – 3. Gli insegnamenti dirompenti.


The health crisis caused by Covid is putting the old “théorie des risques” to the test. In addition, it is very much, for the first time, a “trial by fire” for the brand new texts of the Civil Code relating to force majeure, which are the result of the major French Reform of Contract Law (2016-2018). This crisis, unprecedented in its scope and consequences, is already revealing the flaws and inadequacies of the general legislation that special texts and important court decisions have had to complete and correct urgently.

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