ISSN 2785-0633

Il mercato unico digitale

Guido Alpa Fascicolo 1/2021 14 Maggio 2021

Sommario: 1. Nascita del mercato digitale. – 2. La strategia (normativa) dell’Unione europea. – 3. I cambiamenti del modello economico europeo. – 4. A che punto siamo?


Since 2010 the European Institutions began to create a legal framework of the digital market considering the method of payments, of formation of contracts, of providing digital services or selling digital products. Hundreds of rules became mandatory, each of them waiting for an adaptation to national legal systems which requires the intervention of national legislators and judges. The author tries to offer a frame of this universe of norms combining the rules concerning digital contracts, goods and services and the rules concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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