ISSN 2785-0633

Dinamiche imprenditoriali e substrato familiare: linee di un itinerario

Luigi Balestra Fascicolo 1/2021 14 Maggio 2021

Sommario: 1. La famiglia nel contesto odierno. – 2. Vincolo familiare e realtà imprenditoriale. – 3. L’informalità dei processi decisionali. – 4. Il gruppo familiare e le esigenze di crescita in epoca contemporanea. – 5. Qualche notazione in conclusione.


The paper addresses the issues related to the influence that family ties have on family businesses, in the light of the main features of the current socio-economic frame: on the one hand, the disappearance of the traditional family model (replaced by a plurality of models) and, on the other, the still very significant number of businesses whose control lies within a family group. In fact, family ties constitute a significant factor for implementing cohesion, simplification of the decision-making processes and the growth of the company. Nonetheless, when home life is in discord or generational transition occurs, they could bring about a disruptive crisis within the company itself. Thus, as for possible remedies, the Author suggests that the family business should be open to external professionals and investors, as well as the use of the network contract instrument. Moreover, a wise use of party autonomy is recommended to prevent disputes in the management of the business.

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