ISSN 2785-0633

Tre casi paradigmatici di responsabilità sociale delle imprese per violazione di diritti fondamentali: Vedanta, Okpabi, Milieudefensie

Guido Alpa Fascicolo 2/2021 26 Ottobre 2021

Sommario: 1. Pubblico-privato nella difesa dei diritti fondamentali. – 2. Vedanta Resources plc v. Lungowe & Ors [2019] UKSC (10 aprile 2019). – 3. Okpabi v. Royal Dutch Shell plc, [2021] UKSC 3. – 4. Vereiniging Milieudefensie and Others v. Royal Dutch Shell plc (C/9571932/HA ZA 19-379).


In a short time, different Courts in USA, U.K. and in Netherlands issued relevant decisions on corporate social responsibility and responsibility of the parent company towards subsidiaries to protect populations once exploited by colonialism and today exploited by big corporations. It refers in particular to cases Vedanta, Okpabi and Milieudefensie.