ISSN 2785-0633

Note sul caso Schrems II

Valentino Ravagnani Fascicolo 3/2021 04 Gennaio 2022

Sommario: 1. Premessa. – 2. Sinossi della normativa. – 3. Il retroterra provvedimentale e giurisprudenziale: il Safe Harbour, la sua revoca per via giudiziale ad opera della sentenza Schrems I e il Privacy Shield. – 4. L’epilogo: la sentenza Schrems II. – 5. Gli strumenti residuali di tutela. Cenni sulle clausole tipo. – 6. Conclusioni.


With the judgment of the European Court of Justice, 16 July 2020, Schrems II, c-311/18, another step of the long-standing litigation promoted by Maximilian Schrems has ended, in the sign of a decisive confirmation of the precedent of 2015. With the invalidation of the Privacy Shield Decision, deemed unsuitable to ensure a level of protection essentially equivalent to that which is guaranteed within the European Union, the Court has once again shaken the EU-US partnership governing the transfers of personal data. This essay, starting from a diachronic reconstruction of the relevant European legal regime, aims to analyze the different stages of the case-law, with an emphasis on its epilogue and the precariousness of the residual solutions.