ISSN 2785-0633

Mercato finanziario, cripto-attività, proposta di Regolamento MICA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) e tutela del consumatore

Marisaria Maugeri Fascicolo 1/2022 02 Maggio 2022

Sommario: 1. Cripto-attività, tutela del consumatore e pacchetto sulla finanza. – 2. Operazioni negoziali in cripto-attività e attuale protezione del consumatore. – 3. La proposta di Regolamento MICA e la tutela del consumatore.


Consumers are increasingly using digital financial services and trading crypto assets. The contribution asks whether these receive protection in that market context. The author believes that there are already law aimed at protecting the consumer in the financial market (that makes use of new technologies). This protection could also be supplemented by that provided for in the Proposed MICA regulation. The text also questions whether and how the Proposed MICAR regulation can be coordinated with the other consumer law rights.