ISSN 2785-0633

Il nuovo Regolamento Europeo sui servizi di crowdfunding: l’Europa e il mercato della condivisione

Giulia Rossi Fascicolo 3/2021 04 Gennaio 2022

Sommario: 1. Inquadramento generale. – 2. La normativa sul crowdfunding prima del Regolamento. – 3. La nuova normativa contenuta del Reg. UE 2020/1503.


The new European regulation on crowdfunding brings the issue of the collaborative economy back to the fore, as a set of practices based on the sharing of goods, services and skills. By overcoming existing regulatory barriers, the Regulation aims to overcome the fragmentation of the legal framework applicable to crowdfunding services and ensure the proper functioning of the internal market for these services, while strengthening investor protection and market efficiency and thus contributing to the creation of the Capital Markets Union. The Regulation represents the first attempt to regulate a phenomenon that was born in practice in a free and unconditional way. For this reason, although welcomed, it brings with it doubts and perplexities that can only be assessed in terms of validity with its concrete application.